Why Canteens Help Me to Drink More Water

Yes, I’m one of those canteen toting ladies now.  I never step out of the front door without it and here’s why.  A few months ago, I made a personal challenge to myself to drink nothing but water for a month straight.  For years, water was not my thing. I mean, why drink water when you can drink juice.  It’s good for you, right?  Juice and all that juicy stuff in there?  NO!  Most juices that we drink are doused in sugar and are far from all natural.

So, in an effort to step up my water game and in effect become healthier by reducing all the sugar drinks in my diet, I began purchasing bottles of water.  I was kind of successful at the bottled water life, except that for me, there are some very annoying factors involved with purchasing bottled water.  Here they are:

1. Backwash is clearly visible!

Is it just me? Or does anyone else have a problem with this!  I found myself drinking out of my plastic water bottle and after a certain point, I just couldn’t really do it anymore due to my phobia of drinking my own backwash.  LOL…Yeah, sounds super silly, but I just couldn’t really bring myself to get over it.  When I did try to force it, I’d only imagine that the water tasted even more disgusting than it already did.  LOL…Seriously, where’s my therapist? LOL…

2.  Plastic bottles everywhere to eventually recycle is a nuisance.

Buying water in plastic bottles means that you have to dispose of those bottles as well.  If you want to be eco-friendly, then you will collect them and eventually recycle them and thats great!  However, why deal with all of that waste if you don’t really need to?  Right?

These are the reasons why I chose to purchase a canteen and I will tell you that it has really helped me step up my water game and actually love water.  WATER HAS NEVER TASTED BETTER, FOLKS! Here’s why:

1.  Because the canteens are not see through, I no longer have to worry about seeing backwash. 😉

2.  I no longer have to worry about disposing plastic bottles because I am now using my water dispenser which is refillable.

3.  Water is only $0.37 a gallon!!

4.  The easier it became for me to consume water, the more I started to desire water and actually LIKE it.  Hello!!! 😉

5.  Also, my canteen has a sports bottle top which totally rocks.  The water just eases ever so nicely into my mouth….mmmm!

So, if you are anything like me when it comes to drinking water, you might want to consider getting a canteen.  The canteen I purchased was from Klean Kanteen.  It’s a very expensive one, so if you are not into spending alot of money for something like that, you don’t have to.  But I do suggest you make sure that you get one that is 18-8 Stainless Steel.  I’ve noticed that I don’t taste any strange after taste, and its built to last and had better be for the money I paid.  But you all better believe, that I am getting my money’s worth out it! It has changed my life and since I’ve started this journey, I have yet to purchase anything other than water for my everyday drink at home. 😉




Growing Brussel Sprouts and Sugar Snap Peas Progress

Moving on your own gives you the kind of freedom that I’ve been craving. The title of this post is brussel sprouts and sugar snap peas because I am now growing them.  😉

I was inspired by a co-worker who brought it some of her home grown vegetables to share with us at work.  She brought in carrots, bell peppers, peppers, tomatoes, corn and more.  I thought it was so awesome that she had been growing all of these things from the comfort of her own backyard, that I decided to see what I could grow at my apartment.  So, I started sugar snap peas and brussel sprouts from seeds in a small area in my front patio.  Here is a photo of them from 9/25/11:

These were the first to sprout, but the sugar snap peas were the ones that grew like growing was going out of style.  I couldn’t believe how fast they grew and can’t wait to see some serious results.  I’ve realized that the brussel sprouts actually become tall and probably take up a lot of space.  Of course, I had no idea of this before planting all of those seeds, so I’ll probably have to thin them out a great deal.  The sugar snap peas should have had a trellis to hold onto, but I didn’t know that so I had just been letting them grow…Anyway, see my sugar snap peas at the beginning:

Awesome, right?  Well, here is another photo of the sugar snaps on 10/1/11.  They were so cute at this time:

jToday, they are much more abundant, but because I haven’t had the chance to relieve my memory card yet, I’ll probably post about them next week.  A co-worker went a hunting for some sticks for me to use for the sugar snaps.  They have these interesting tentacles that cling on to any and everything around them.  It’s very cute, but since my plants have grown a lot, them have been clinging on to each other big time.  At first, I wanted let them do what they want…afterall, it’s natural for them do this, right?  Anyhow, I was advised not to let them grow out all of the ground.  I heard that they produce more pea pods if they continue to grow upward.  So, I did utilize the sticks and tried my best to direct the plants to wrap around it.  I’ll post the results sometime within the week.

I’m also growing some baby carrots in a container.  The photos for those are also on my memory card, so I’ll try to post those within the week also.  I have to say that it feels so awesome to be growing food.  I mean, if they don’t die or spoil, I’ll be able to reap the benefits on my dinner table.  We will see how well these plants do in this interestingly unpredictable climate we have going on in California right now, hopefully well enough to give me some food.